Service and Cost

  • Light cleaning of the headstone or memorial to remove any dirt, bird droppings and surface algae.
  • Washing of any decorative glass chippings, stones or gravel if required.
  • Washing out all memorial pots.
  • Place flower in vase at every visit.
  • Trimming grass, tidying grass edging, removing weeds, dead flowers and plants by hand where applicable.
  • Light pruning of any heathers, shrubs, small trees or other plants where required.
  • Removing all debris and litter.
  • Keeping you in the picture with a digital photograph sent to you by
  • e-mail or by post what ever is best for you.
  • Send you a report of the condition of the lair and head stone.

Your options of service from Grave Concern


1 – Care Visit Per Year

Prices are given on application and are subject to individual circumstances.

2 – Care Visits Per Year

4– Care Visits Per Year

12 – Care Visits Per Year


Full headstone cleaning,
re-lettering, supplying and laying of new turf including floral wreath.